Friday, December 9, 2011

Chaos In Tejas, Now With 100% More National Socialist Black Metal?

Chaos In Tejas 2012 announced today the dates for their festival - May 31st through June 3rd. The shows will undoubtably be held at multiple venues, which this past year included Red 7, Beauty Bar, Emo's, more. Though people pitched a fit about Loss not making it in for Rites of Darkness, they're on this bill, along with quite a few other heavy acts that verge from black to crust to doom to hardcore.

Of note to the ADL, the roster includes Nyogthaeblisz, a local (as in Texas) band that have contributed to the compilation Satanic Skinhead: Declaration of Anti-Semetic Terror from Santatnic Skinhead records, a label that has also released albums that look like this:

Religion is routinely spit upon in black metal, but NSBM tows another line entirely. Interesting choice, Timmy.

A quote from that label: “Satanic Skinhead Propaganda has no affiliation with zionist run, information collecting, “social network” sites and never will." To Facebook!


  1. who gives a shit?

    if satan was real we would have a much bigger problem then texas nazis? or is it ok to believe its fine to rape and completely destroy the earth following satan but you better not fuck with the jews god damn it!

    this shit is fucking gay and i was raised jewish. dont be a fucking pussy about it if they have different views then you. if your so sensative maybe you should find a different kind of music to follow...

  2. That is one of the most unintelligent comments I have ever read. Good job guy.

  3. First guy - look, this is a black metal blog, and I know the history of the music and the views of many of its founders. You don't need to be patronizing.

    I spoke to Timmy about this band, and he correctly pointed out this isn't exactly a fascist-friendly festival. He's legit.

    But I'm also not going to avoid mentioning that a band playing a very cool festival in my city also lent a track to a completely boneheaded neo-nazi circle jerk of a label.

  4. why are they letting DISMA play then? Craig pillard, the vocalist, released his Nazi ambient project STURMFUHRER in the picture above, and that band is still on?

    And what about that band BLACK WITCHERY? They released stuff on Satanic Skinhead label too!!

  5. I think it's strange that Nyogthaeblisz agreed to play this festival in the first place. Keep black metal hate-full. Black metal and pacifistic liberalism do not belong on the same stage.

  6. this coming from a guy who likes drudkh, haha

  7. RABM or GTFO. you think antifa aren't gonna shut down any fascist show anyway?

  8. are there any pro-communist bands on this fest?

  9. typical shrill pontification from a liberal minded austin type. i agree with Kischug black metal and hippie kumbya liberal mentality do not go together what so ever...thats what the problem is with hipster types. you assimilate yourself into a genre of music.then try and act like your hippie progressive views is what it needed all metal austin?..thats a fucking contradiction and not even an amusing one..should change this blog name to birkenstock hairy armpit austin..and antifa are worse than actual nazis..why do people get so upset over anti semitism anyways.jew is just a stupid fucking religion along with christianty. budism etc...there are a lot of amazing nationalist pagan bands from all around the world..its just so funny to me to see people that claim they are al about black metal then you hear these disclaimers coming out of their mouths..nothing but weakness..i find it truly remarkable that some of the most amazing expressions come from the biggest "nazis" .listen again pussies

  10. Human: have you been to Austin, or do you just read about it on blogs? We have metal here.

    Also, you made some interesting points but I couldn't take you seriously after "antifa are worse than actual nazis."

    encapsulates austin perfectly
    and your ridiculous smug assertion that "youve never been to austin you must read about it in blogs" is even more smug hipster tripe. as if austin is the end all and be all for places to exist in.i go to austin quite frequently, even though it is a cesspool for flannel clad beardneck collegiate types i do find it's nature and metal shows that are worth going to..
    and fuck antifa they are fucking ridiculous..10 against 1 because someone has a different worldview than them..they are not saving anybody..and as much as you cry baby liberal types like to romanticize that group they are no worse off than actual nazis..the anti fascist fascists is more appropriate. i like how you question my intelligence and credibility based solely on my disagreement with antifa..which basically means you along with antifa are the same exact force which you propose to be fighting against.without some 'cause' or your opposite to constantly struggle against you would fall apart.i however am compleley beyond such limiting constructs