Monday, December 12, 2011

Guns They're Meant To Be Stuck By

I inadvertently caused a fracas with my last post about the band Nyogthaeblisz, who were initially asked to play Chaos in Tejas but now will not be.

After talking with the organizer of the festival and some other thoughtful folks, I pulled the post because of the amount of speculation that I had stirred up. It turns the post I had written was being circulated to some of the other bands on the festival docket (The Mob, etc.) who began to reconsider their appearance based on what they had read – by me – about Nyogthaeblisz.

So what did I say, exactly? I raised questions about the band's appearance on the Satanic Skinhead Propaganda label, and specifically their inclusion on a compilation called Declaration Of Anti-Semetic Terror.

All the pictures of the band are grimm and dark, bro, so when word leaked out that (some of the) guys in the band are hispanic, everyone chuckled and moved on, right*? Wrong – shit just got messier.

*People kept asking questions like "why would Mexicans be!" A better question: why would anyone - Hispanic or not - be on a label that puts out/deals records that look like this?

FULL BLOWN A.I.D.S. - Viral Load

MARTIAL - Execution

Shit is moronic. Speaking of which, the head genius from SSP explained the band's standpoint thusly:

"NYOGTHAEBLISZ are not “NS” and they are not even white. 

They are Satanic, and openly anti-semitic. 

This is extreme Black Metal and this is EXACTLY why fests like this should not exist in the first place. Keep Black Metal dangerous and away from these liberal scum. This is a smear campaign with ad hominem attacks simply because the band is openly ANTI-JEW."


I will not apologize for pointing out some basic facts about the company this band keeps, but I would have put more effort into talking with the folks involved first if I had known anyone was going to read my blog, let alone react to it. As of this writing, I think the all-time readership of Black Metal Austin hovered somewhere around 100, as in amount of hits, ever.

Moving on, I'd rather focus on something positive – WHITEHORSE is coming to town for CIT. They stayed with my roommate and myself during SXSW, and they're nice and their band owned a showcase at Barbarella that we were lucky enough to catch. We went with them to see The Roller at some afterhours warehouse thing previous to that, and I was informed that in Australia, no one drinks Foster's, they never say “shrimp on the barbie,” but they did try The Outback Steakhouse and said it was good. The more you know!

Their new album Progression is out now.


  1. Dude. You posted about DRUDKH at the bottom of this page. Are you on crack? Go ahead and check this shirt out just for kicks- (

  2. I am on crack, and I'd prefer that you didn't just rub my addiction in my face. It's just something I'm dealing with right now and I'd appreciate your discretion.

    As for Drudkh, I recently had a long e-talk with a guy who pointed out that this shirt existed - it's dumb as fuck, but they're distancing themselves from the bullshit now.

    "Please read: Bands or individuals supporting or being associated with NSBM and other political extremism or racism will not be accepted. Save your time and don't try to add DRUDKH. If such a profile should be unkowingly added, it will be kicked out immediately once noticed. All of such requests will be denied without further comment."


    "Drudkh doesn't support any extreme ideology and declares itself as a non-political band."

    So maybe they're just trying to avoid controversy, or maybe they released how foolish it was to broadcast such head-slapping ignorance out into the universe. Either way, I'm critical of them but a straight-up hateful band playing in my town is going to more closely receive scrutiny from local music lovers and writers.

    That makes sense to me, but again, it's probably just the crack talking.

  3. Way to ham it up with the 'crack' quips. It's cool, I feel like I'm discussing NSBM with the class clown.

    You do realize that at least 75% of racist black metal bands throw out those hilarious copouts and qualifiers to get psychotic e-nerds like yourself off of their backs? Particularly when they attempt the more palatable, restrained project after the more flagrant band becomes a little burdensome. Might want to look up Hate Forest, bud. If you don't think Blood in Our Wells is a NSBM record, you're insane and don't know the first thing about Bandera.

    And just to clarify, if the two primary contributors to Nyogthaebliz simply renamed and repackaged their band and said 'We don't endorse any particular ideology,' you wouldn't mind them playing Chaos?

  4. If you want less quips, how about less e-hyperbole? I'll meet you in the middle.

    That's an interesting number you pull out - 75%, huh? You're apparently privy to a lot more of the secret beliefs of racist black metal bands than I.

    As for Nyog, putting some distance between themselves, SSP and anti-semetism in general is definitely a good start. Baby steps.

  5. So just pull a Bohse Onkelz and it's all good, huh? Just sing about nature and translate your ideals from unpolished NS to a slightly more refined nationalist stance and all is forgiven. You're not a very persistent lefty, are you? Is #occupying taking up too much of your time? Also, explain how Drudkh's label, Supernal, is any different than SSP. Are you familiar with the band Sunwheel? How about Woods of Infinity? How about Eldrig Most importantly, how about a little band called CAPRICORNUS? Do your homework, dilettante.

  6. no seriously, I'm at city hall. bring some coconut cookies to GA if you're coming.