Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Unholy Communion...San Angelo

Texas Black Metal is a good resource for shows in our state, with the principal cities represented here usually being San Antonio, Austin, the Dallas area, and Houston. But not always. San Angelo is effectively "in the middle of nowhere," which makes this showcase this Saturday all the more interesting. Four bands are playing at a place called Parrot's Head Tavern, which by the looks of it is easily the least likely place an event like "The Unholy Communion" could transpire. Things not usually associated with metal: a "cool island-style vibe and laid back atmosphere." It is free. Performing: Death Rites 666 - their "final appearance for this year." Already? The Black Moriah - from Dallas Broken Glass Dissection - They're not playing after all. "Just want everyone to know we won't be playing next week at the Parrotshead due to my fractured wrist. We will still be there to support the other bands that are playing that night and we encourage you to do the same. Once I am well enough to play we will be booking shows and hope to see you in the pit." Negative Offset - not sure this is the right band, but I'm assuming there can only be so many 'Negative Offsets" in Texas.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Alcest, More, Today

I had what turned out to be a pretty great time at the Scoot yesterday, and I hope to catch as much of this showcase as possible.

Be careful with that black metal Jester King beer, tho - potent shit.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Eternal Decay on the 1st

Emo's East Hosts Eluveitie, More

I was very impressed by this show at Emo's East featuring a bunch of bands including headliners Children of Bodom, but I was most impressed with Switzerland's Eluveitie. The photos here are outtakes from Ryan Pollack's set from the Austinist review.

Also included is a clip from a pretty shitty Pagan Metal documentary that nonetheless had about ten interesting seconds to it, all compiled here.